Invest in healthy growth businesses and share their success

Sciety gives you the opportunity to invest in companies with the potential to generate return and make an impact.

How to invest

We believe that investing in private companies should be as simple as investing in companies on the stock exchange. On the Sciety platform, you can access all company information and complete your investments online.

Explore opportunities

Become a member for free or start browsing investments right away. As a member you will gain access to complete information about the companies. You can also ask questions to the management online or meet them in person at our investment events.


Simply select how many shares you want to buy and complete your investments online. Once the funding round is successful, we will send you a confirmation of your shareholdings. The company will only get funded if the funding target is reached.

Share the success

If the company succeeds, you will earn money on your investment. As a shareholder, you will receive status updates from the company and you can also ask questions via the platform. All information about your shareholdings will be accessible on your account.


Learn more

Seamless and safer investing

We give you a deal flow of selected growth companies, an online investment experience and secure investment terms. Read on to learn more.

Qualified businesses

In our screening processes, we assess the viability of the companies’ business cases and select the ones we consider the most promising. Then independent lawyers at Serendipity Professionals perform background checks on the companies and their managements. Finally, we verify all factual statements such as quotes from satisfied clients in the investment information.

Secure money transfers

Your invested money will be held by us on a bank account dedicated for client money. The money will only be transferred to the company you invested in if the company reaches its funding target - otherwise it will be refunded to your bank account. Sciety is authorised by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority to manage money transfers on behalf of clients.

Seamless investing

You will find complete investment information including legal documents and a summary of our company review in the Deal Room of the company. To invest, you simply follow a few steps on the platform. After the funding round is completed, you will be able to follow up your investments and communicate with the companies via your personal account.

Investor protection

Your interests as an investor are protected by the agreements you sign with the company when you invest. The agreements give you rights over and above the rights given to you by the Swedish company law. Sciety has verified the terms of the agreements to ensure that they meet our requirements.

Experienced co-investors

At Sciety, you will invest alongside people with a variety of professions and backgrounds. Our membership network includes venture capitalists, physicians, board professionals, successful entrepreneurs, business angels and many other professions.

Free of charge

Our services are free of charge for investors. No membership fees, commission or carried interest.

Opportunities in the health market

Aging population along with increasing incidence of chronic diseases and life style diseases increases the demand for more efficient treatments and preventive actions.

Strong demand from a variety of buyers

The digital revolution is real

Urgent global and long-term need

Strong business and investment sector

Funded companies

Start exploring and investing

We offer a deal flow of qualified businesses

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