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Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (NPH) is a significantly underdiagnosed condition with dementia-like symptoms. Even though up to 80% of the NPH population get better after surgery, only about 20% get the correct treatment. Lack of reliable diagnostics is one reason for this undertreatment.

Likvor offers a patented and CE certified system that helps caregivers to diagnose the condition and follow-up treatment results by measuring the dynamics of the spinal fluid in the brain.

The company has clients in six countries in Europe and had a revenue of 3.7 MSEK in 2017. Consumables account for an increasing share of the revenue. The market is growing and ageing populations around the world drives market demand.

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Sciety gives members the opportunity to invest in unlisted growth companies with the potential to give return on investment and make a difference. We specialise in the life science sector.