Invest in growth companies making a difference

Sciety gives you the opportunity to invest in carefully selected businesses in the health sector. Online and free of charge.

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Carefully selected growth companies

We work together with prominent science parks, accelerators, industry associations and angel networks to identify promising businesses. We also scout businesses at trade fairs. Each and every business that we present to you have passed our three-step evaluation.

Business evaluation

First, our investment committee assesses the viability of the company’s business case. The committee considers among other things the company’s product, competition and team. We have physicians, professional investors, top-level business developers and business professionals represented in the committee.

Legal review

Second, we make background checks on the company and its management. The legal review is performed in collaboration with independent lawyers at Serendipity Professionals. You can download a summary of the outcomes of the review in each company’s deal room on the platform.

Investment opportunity

Third, we verify all the factual claims such as customer testimonials and market size in the company’s presentation on the platform. You are solely responsible for your investment decisions but it can be reassuring that we have evaluated the companies before they are presented to you.

Funded companies

Start exploring and investing

We make it easier to invest in unlisted growth companies.

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